How To Make Extra Money

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I am a student so when it comes to money it can be a little tricky to save up, pay your monthly expenses  and actually live. Even with a part time job. Earning a bit of extra money is always nice, either is it to save up money for travel, shopping or pocket money.

So here is a few ways I’ve gathered during those past few years !


Nowaday more and more people use the internet to purchase what they need but not a lot actually think or know that you can use cash back to get back a small amount of money from the services or goods you purchase online. It also works on a lot of travel services related websites so when you spend a lot you can get as much as 50€ back ! It might seems very small but put end to end you can make over 150€ or more during the year depending on your spending habits.  It can also be collected as vouchers to buy on Amazon or such.
Si vous habitez en France ou France Métropolitaine je vous recommande iGraal 🙂 !


If you have the space and love animals you can offer your services to special agencies in order for them to connect you to people looking for someone to look after their pets (dogs, cats…). Or even just offer your services to people you know! Also if you don’t have enough space to pet sit at your place you can walk dogs or check on a pet that stay at its owner house.


Yes, this actually works to make extra money.  There’s a lot of website that offer you to collect money when you reach a certain number of points that you can convert into money (It can start at 2€ or 20€) or vouchers or itunes card. Your choice really. So obvisouly you’re probably not going to make millions but let’s say for example if you travel in countries where you need very little pocket money it could cover the cost. And it can be done literally anywhere all you need is a device to access the internet !
Also if you got lucky sometimes some survey send you samples to try ! Personally I like to use MonOpinionCompte or GlobalTestMarket both works in several countries.


This is one of the way to make extra money I actually really like. A lot of agencies are always looking for people to hands out flyers , magazines or samples out in the street or do animation in supermarket. I won’t lie it can be a pain sometimes, though you might be allowed to keep some samples, which is great, also you can choose what you want to do according to your schedule. For a few hours you can have an extra 100€ per months.


1st– You don’t use all the things that you still own, so you should consider to sell them online not only you’ll gain space but you’ll earn some extra money. And if you’re like me and have a hard time to separate yourself because “what if I need…” just stop, if you haven’t use it in a while or years you probably won’t use anymore so you should just sell it and make some extra money.
2nd– This isn’t something I do myself but I know a few people who use it, if you engage into any creative activies, like crafting, sculpting or anything you can open a shop and sell your creations. Some people would be happy with them and you could make some extra money from something you trully enjoy doing.

If you know some more ways to make extra money let me know in the comments ! 😀



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8 thoughts on “How To Make Extra Money

  1. Actually, I make around of $47 USD in some months making surveys, it’s not too much but, as you said, it’s an extra.
    Thanks for share some ideas, it’s always nice for students have some extra money 😊


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