Life Update | Erasmus, Travels, Summer…

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Hello !

Quite a lot happened lately, mostly good news ! The most important news of them all is the fact that I got accepted for an Erasmus Exchange in Kent, England instead of Ireland as I thought I would first. Still really happy though ! Definitely will be an awesome experience.

So, as I wrote above I will be going in England for the last semester of my degree next year. From January 2018 to June 2018 (technically, still waiting for more informations about it).But then it means I will not be going to Ireland so I have to add it on my Bucket List.To be honest I am really really excited.

Last year, I wanted to plan one trip per month for 2017, but I sort of gave up after I’ve seen how much money I needed to save if I was accepted for an Erasmus Exchange, but with good money management and good deals;  I still managed to plan up nearly one trip per month till August (not all of them are booked yet) ! Obviously I will be blogging about them . 🙂

Here is my schedule.

April – During my two weeks of holidays I will be going to Angoulême, France for three days. Not the biggest trip ever, though it will be nice. Angoulême is well known for its comic festival.

May – I will be going in England again.This time I will get to visit the historic city of Bath, and see my friend again. I’m so so so  excited for this week end trip ! 😀  Bath seems like an awesome city and well I’m looking forward to see my friend.

June – I might be going in England again (yup, again) but also “hiking” close to Paris. So this should be exciting !

July – August  – Those two months I’m still a bit unsure what I will do, I might go to Amsterdam again with some friends.Also I will probably go to Malta so I’m pretty excited ! I have two months of holidays so I would like to do the most of it ! One thing is sure though, I will be visiting my family in the west of France.

So this is it for now, I hope I will be able to plan more for this summer. As I said above I would like to make the most of it, after all time is the only thing we can’t get back and who knows if I will have as much holidays after I graduate next year huh.

What are your plans for this summer ? 😀


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8 thoughts on “Life Update | Erasmus, Travels, Summer…

  1. I did my erasmus in Ireland and it was too good! but im sure Kent will be just as amazing! 🙂 sounds like you have cool trips planned! have fun xx


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