Bristol Getaway | I tried “Solo” Travel.


I was in Bristol nearly two weeks ago for the week end (27th evening to 29th evening).

It was also my first attempt at solo travelling. Yes, it was only a 40min plane ride from where I live,and I ended up meeting up a friend but hey it’s a good start.

On friday night I made my way to Charles De Gaulles airport to catch my flight to Bristol.
Obvisouly, I went for a low cost flight with easy jet which was only 70€ !  The flight went super quick without any real issue (much quicker than going to the airport actually)

Bristol airport isn’t that big so getting out was super quick. It was a bit rainy and the queue for the shuttle was bit long though.

I had spend my whole week checking on the weather and it kept saying LOTS of rain so I was pretty happy that it was only a thin rain.

The shuttle is pretty quick and the city not far I paid £7 for one way but you can buy a round trip for £11 (which I only find after ahah but nevermind)

The journey to Temple Meads was pretty quick; less than 30min I believe.So, far everything was perfectly fine.

Except that I obviously got lost, with my GPS on. Took me 30min walk instead of twenty to join my hotel.
It was the Temple Meads Ibis Hotel, I had pick this one to avoid walking a lot since I was arriving late, fail Lyne, fail.
The hotel  is really well located I think, but the bed are so UNCOMFY and the walls allows you to hear whatever happens outside, which sucks goes the room is great otherwise.

Being a dummy I also noticed I hadn’t pack my go pro, which I planned to use for photography or just film around.
Even more inconvenient I brought the wrong adaptator.
Means no way of charging my phone or laptop.At this point I was pretty much, damn my life sucks ahahah. Luckily I had my laptop fully charged to keep my phone alive till I found another solution !


Clifton Supension Bridge !


My first activity/visit of the day was the Clifton Suspension Bridge. 


It was still raining in the morning, but luckily the weather cleared up. And at this point I had met with a friend of mine so it was all good ! And I could charge my phone woohoo.
But I still didn’t take much pic actually. Since instead of walking I was in a car and my phone was charging for the most of it.

Bristol’s Museum

I have also seen Strokes Croft, and its famous graffitti, which I got to say are really cool and worth looking at.

Aaaand, we got stuck in the traffic for about 1h30 after lunch ahah , which wasted a bit of time but anyway. It was still fun.

I was back at the hotel after that, and while I really wanted to nap I didn’t, I finished some work and went back outside to walk around the city and look up for the Cathedral even though it was closed for visit. But since it was already past 17h (5pm) it went dark super quickly.
But I still managed to do a bit of visit, plus night time in the city are probably my favourite moment. I don’t have any decent -aka not blurry- photo but the the lightning around the Rainbow Casino were really pretty !



✭ Sunday

I didn’t do much on Sunday (actually I didn’t do much the whole week end hey?) I checked out of my room pretty late and stuck myself on the webcorner in order to charge my dead phone, and it really took FOREVER to reach 50%. So I just wanders around like a lost tired soul, chilled and worked at Starbucks.

Then I met my friend again because he had offer me to take me back to the airport and that was really sweet ! So thank youuuu again for everything ♡♡


So, I wasn’t really alone, and I didn’t manage to do as much as I had planned but it was still really fun and an insteresting experience. At least now I know that I can take the plane alone ahah. And I really wish if I come back I can visit Bath this time.


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