Booked A plane Ticket On An Impulse.


I will leave Paris in a month for a week-end, woohoo!

Guess where I will go ?  

For a while now I’ve been wanting to travel alone. Don’t get me wrong I love travelling with my friends, family etc. It’s great but travelling alone also seems like a great experience. Altough I am a bit of an anxious/nervous person. So I never really considerated the idea of it fully because there’s so much “what if…” blabla.

But hey, I won’t be able to stay in my confort zone forever. And I wanted to get away from Paris and everything, alone, for once.

That’s why in exactly one month I will be in Bristol, UK !

I could have pick something from my Bucket List but, nah. I have been meaning to go there for a while to meet some “friend” but it never happened, because people can be moody bum but hey anyway I can still visit the city !  (Bristol and maybe Bath as well)

It still makes me really anxious to go on my own though, but it seems that planing actually really help to cope with anxiety for me so far.

I’m still in the process of planing so I’m open to any suggestions for what to see in Bath or Bristol  (ᵔᴥᵔ)

But first I will be in London this week end for NYE so follow my instagram to see that live !



5 thoughts on “Booked A plane Ticket On An Impulse.

  1. That’s so awesome! Enjoy your time in the UK. Impulse plane purchases can be good sometimes, although I wouldn’t say that it’s good all of the time! I just made some *semi-impulsive* purchases for a flight in May, and I have to say that I’m so excited for it! Looking forward to more of your posts.

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  2. Definitely do a blog post about your trip! I’ve always wanted to travel alone but have never had the guts to actually do it! Be sure to tell us how it goes!


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