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Dear Santa, for Chritsmas I want to travel the whole world next year.

Though, that might be a little hard financially, and keeping up with my schedule, so I’ll be happy if I can manage to do some or all my 2017 bucket list !

Mostly Europe Countries based.
Last time I went in London in 2011.

# 1 – See the NYE Fireworks in London  

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for YEARS now, a new year eve in London. And guess what ? It is happening this year. Hotel, plane are booked, fireworks tickets bought as well ! I just cannot wait.

# 2 – Visit the Blue Wall and Valletta in Malta 

I’m a totally not a water person, being in water scare but the Blue Wall does seems like a beautiful place. I mean, see for yourself. Good thing is it doesn’t only involve water activities, hooray.

Santorini, Oia.

# 3 – Visit an other Greek Island

For those who don’t know I went to Santorini in October (you can read about it here !) and I absolutely loved it. Greece architecture and landscapes are totally charming so if I get the chance I would like to see some more. I also wouldn’t mind going back to Santorini and stay in one of those wonderful hotel in Oia ahaha.

#4 Le Mont Saint-Michel 

I drive close by countless of time with my parents during my childhood, but I never actually went and visit it so hopefully I manage to do it next year. France has so many wonderful and famous places I still need to visit (I first visited the Eiffel Tower at 15/16 y.o; yes I’m slow to visit when it’s located next to me, which is the shame, somehow)

#5 Go Hiking, anywhere + bungee jump.

Seriously, I just want to go hiking. It’s as simple as this. There’s so much choices that I just can’t decide and choose one localisation (But maybe Le Verdon, France). I’m open to any suggestions. If anyone reads me that it ahah.

#6 Spain

I feel like Spain is one of the go-to desination for most of young adults or youngs travelling together, yet I have never been there ! I’m not sure why but I’ve never really look up to any Spanish cities until recently but now that I did Barcelona, Seville or Madrid are calling me a little !

Black sand beach, (credit to feel-planet.com)

#7- Iceland

Ultimately if I could end next year with a trip to Iceland, that would be so dreamy. Iceland is a top destination in my bucket list, see the Nothern Light would turn my winter into magic. On top of that if you add a blue lagoon, black beaches, Gullfoss and so much more that make, in my eyes Iceland an icredible country I definitely would be the happiest girl on earth ! Fingers crossed.

This is probably way more that I will be able to travel since I need to save some money in order to maybe go in Ireland for a semester but I will still try to do as much as I can and obviously I will blog about it, so be sure to follow !
Let me know in the comments what’s your bucket list guys 😀

And in the meantime you can catch me up on my instagram : cpt_lyne 😀



7 thoughts on “2017 BUCKET LIST.

  1. We have the same request to Santa. But, in my case, I’m already saving money and I don’t have my passport yet, sadly (Is one of my goals for the next year).
    I have a question, where is the black sand beach? Can you tell me please? I will add it to my list!

    I hope you can visit Ireland the next year and of course, all your 2017 bucket list come true! 😀


    1. I have some money saved as well, but I’m not sure how much I need yet. So better save as much as I can ahah. Hope you get your passport !
      The one from the picture is in Vik, Iceland ^-^
      Thanks a lot ! 😀

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  2. your 2017 goals look so exciting! I can’t wait to see all your posts about your trips ^_^ I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland and to revisit the UK ❤ Ireland is fun too! I think you'd like it a lot here ^_^


  3. If you look into flying Icelandair or Wow Air you could add a stopover in Iceland to a trip to Europe.

    Consider Portugal as well as/instead of Spain. I prefer it, especially Lisbon, and it is a bit less touristed.


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