Santorini Diary | Day three.


Red beach in Akrotiri ! ☆


I was supposed to upload Thursday but I was totally pooped, it’s not easy being sick and still wanting to explore as much as possible. But I’m back at home so here I go !
On wednesday aftenoon we went to the red beach in the city of Akrotiri.



Along the road just before you arrive at the “entrance”, if I can say so of the beach. There’s a nice snacks/restaurant that sells absolutely delicious big gyros !

The beach is located in a cliff so you have to climb a little before you can actually get there. Nothing too hard though but flat closed shoe is the best option, even if you’re only going to the beach, flipflop or sandals would make it a pain.



The view is again, really gorgeous. And I’d say the fact the beach is in a cliff makes it more charming to me, it makes it less windy and more enjoyable.

Another important spot of Akrotiri is the antique city, unfortunately we couldn’t visit it. So if you get the chance go check it out !

And a cute potery shop, on the cross road bus of Perissa/Akrotiri. I really like the fish for some reason, I mean isn’t it cute ?


Also check out day one and day two of my Santorini Diary if you missed it !




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