That time I was in Nara。


I went in Japan 3 times for all, but only last year, I finally went to Nara. Nara is located next to Kyoto in the Kansai region, which is a 3,5 hours journey from Tokyo in Shinkansen + a train to go to Nara from Kyoto. The Shinkansen being expensive, the best option is to get a JR Pass. Now to the journey  !




Once you step out of the train, you just need to follow the sign to find the numerous shrines and obviously, the deers. They are wandering freelee in the city and are actually established since a 1000 years.



Deers’ food. -shika senbei-


Feeding the deers is forbidden, if you want to do so you have to buy some special biscuits for them, as you can see in the picture above, they’re only a few yens and are available in most shops, where you can also buy some refreshment. Let’s be honest the deers are so used to human presence and the thousands of tourist they see everyday, they’re totally uninterested by you unless you got foods.

Yep totally uninterested.

Nara is definitely is a must see ! But it’s hard to see all the shrines in a few hours.

Bye !

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