3 DAYS IN AMSTERDAM – It’s not all about weed !


Last week I went to Amsterdam with my bestfriend for 3 days. It might seems to be a short trip, but it’s crazy how much you can do and walk in such a short period. Well at least, to me we did a lot on those three days.

DAY 1.

Waking up at 5:30 isn’t fun. But hey, it was worth it.


No, this is not beer.
Surprisingly there’s bikes and lot of canals in Amsterdam.

I expected that they were gonna be bikes and tramway everywhere, but I swear this is CRAZY. And the Central seems like chaos somehow due to this crazy bikes and the tramway.


Rijks Museum. That museum was really nice, firstly for the way how the building looks like both on the inside and the outside as well as every aisle in it where filled with tons of cool and classy arts. Which was a perfect planing for this rainy morning.


From, Manufacture de Sèvres


By the time we were done with the museum it has stopped raining we got back to the Centraal for lunch. We had Frikandel and obviously a corner of fries. Then we carried on with with some walking around to the flowers market and shopping.



Countryside and Windmills Tour. This was probably my favourite day by far, I mean Amsterdam is an awesome city, sure, it does change a lot from Paris due to its architecture, but it’s noneless still a city. So a change of scenery felt really good.
As much as I was skeptical to follow a group because we decided to go for the visit with Tour & Tickets instead of going by ourselves, it went really smoothly and was well planned.




And that’s how it end !


Where we stayed : West Side Inn it was a bit outside the central but easy to access and really quiet. The room was spacious and the beds comfy, only the bathroom design was a bit weird and not really pratical.



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